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After All It's Only Natural

Welcome Merry Meet,

Welcome to The Wiccan Windmill of Ireland Est 1992, where you can satisfy all your Witchcraft, Wiccan, Pagan requirements for what ever kind of Magick you practice.

All our stock is charged and empowered by the elements of the Earth, the Waters of the compass points of Ireland, Air of the East Coast and Fire of the South. When combined together in our witchcraft supplies you have access to powerful tools to practice with.

All our spells are old recipes, old spells that had been lost for a very long time until an old spell book was re-discovered (many generations ago) in a old casket in an Irish peat bog.

The spell book was found by an direct descendant of the original owner - who had witchcraft flowing through his veins. The spell book became a prized and most secret possession which is passed down through the family to this very day.

The Wiccan Windmill spells, powders, potions for love, wealth and of course hexes too, are made locally using that same ancient spell book.

So here at The Wiccan Windmill, our Witchcraft and spells are very old fashioned, they are of the "Old Religion" and not to be messed with, if you know what we mean.

So welcome to The Wiccan Windmill of Ireland, witchcraft supplies, where spells really work.

Blessed Be..! And enjoy.

"Ye harm none, do what Ye wilt"

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The Wiccan Windmill Est. 1992 AD

The Third Generation of Witchcraft Supplies